Future Skills You will Need By 2030

The world of work is evolving quickly. Seeing how ChatGPT is replacing many job functions, we cannot avoid the possibility of being taken over by AI soon. It means that we have to better prepare ourselves to gain a higher competitiveness in this ever growing world. We have gathered the key skills that can push you to success in your future career.

1. Emotional intelligence

As mentioned, many professions are being replaced by rapidly advancing technology. It is often said that AI cannot completely take over one of the uniquely human attributes, which is emotional intelligence, as it remains a uniquely human ability.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to one’s own and others’ emotions. “As an AI language model, I am not capable of feeling emotions,” said ChatGPT. So, it is true that AI cannot think empathetically about the people around them. Therefore, emotional intelligence remains a uniquely human attribute, and it is valuable for us to develop it more deeply.

2. Digital literacy​

Technology is ever-changing, and as the world continues to rely heavily on technical and constantly maturing technologies, the need for digital skills also rises. This is relative to the increasing role that technology plays in our lives. As a result, we must focus on developing our digital skills to better equip ourselves for the future.

3. Creative mindset

Similarly to emotional intelligence, it is difficult for digital technologies to replace creativity, as it requires human critical thinking and is not predictable by stored data in cloud systems. To maintain a steady place in the workplace, it is important to develop an innovative mindset that can be applied in various contexts.

4. Communication skills

Effective communication is a fundamental skill that is essential in every aspect of life, from minor daily interactions to major issues. With strong communication skills, you can present yourself, articulate your ideas, and converse with others effectively. Adequate communication skills are undoubtedly crucial to any successful workplace, as they foster collaboration, build relationships, and enhance overall productivity.  Developing and honing this skill through training or practice is a must-have for any individual seeking to succeed in their career.

Make sure to continuously develop these skills to increase your competitiveness. Stay updated with Slindon to learn more career tips!