Signal showing we should change jobs?

Do you still remember how excited and nervous you were on your first day onboard. After being in the same situation for a period of time, you might have discovered the motivation is reducing. 

The excitement will undoubtedly change over time, but how could we know it is the right time to change jobs? We have provided some indicators to let you chew over is it the time to move!

1. Your skills don’t match up to your personal interests

It’s always said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. It sounds ideal if you are doing the things you like, so certainly you must put much more effort on it since you like it. said that. However, back into reality, many of us are doing the job not implying our interest but more for earning a living. Maybe you are facing calculations but you prefer meeting clients instead of sitting at a computer screen all day. Perhaps you like acting but it turns out you are reading statistics everyday. Try to find a job that matches your interests, you are happier and at the same time you are more productive.

2. Differing values and vision

After working for the company for a while, you may discover that your values and vision do not match the ones held by your company. It is difficult for us to fit into companies possessing beliefs that are different from ours. For example, if you are a team player but your company emphasizes individualism, the large disparity must make it difficult for you to continue with your job. Seeing this could be a sign for you to have a move.

3. Hunger to explore a new job industry

Boredom may occur if you have been in the same position or work field for a long time, you have already gained a substantial amount of expertise in your existing position, and you see other roles and industries that seem much more appealing to your interests that you could pursue instead. Just go ahead to try on a brand new job when you are still young!

4. You Are Underpaid Or Underemployed

If you are not being paid adequately, you should change jobs immediately. Look up the average salary for your job position online and see if you are getting the same as others. Worse still, your company does not provide you with sufficient working benefits. Just simply look for a better company.

It's time to do what makes you happy

The most significant signal for changing a job is you are no longer feeling happy with your job. Remember that it is worth taking a risk for long-term happiness!

Slindon provides jobs from various industries, we strongly encourage you to browse and you might find a job that suits you.