Start giving more to your employees!

Employees will always take more money if you offer it, but they are not satisfied only by salary. Forbes reported that workers are easier to leave their job to find a role with better employee benefits. As supervisors, here are some new benefits that you could consider! 

Mental health assistance

According to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), there is a rising concern about mental illness in the workplace, which affects productivity and well-being. To address this issue, employers are suggested to offer help with mental health, such as providing insurance or counseling for employees to express their negative feelings about work. This can reduce stress and tiredness from work and promote healthier mental health for workers.

Broader coverage of medical insurance

For sure, many enterprises have already helped their co-workers purchase health insurance. Yet, employees wish to have more nowadays. With improved technology, computers are replacing most of the paperwork. In other words, employees have to read on the computer all day. Therefore, they are proposing to have benefits for eye care such as regular eye checks or insurance covering the eye. With broader healthcare, you can establish your firm as being employee-oriented and having a good image.

Flexible working styles

It will be the most sought-after employee benefit of all time. In today’s fast-paced work environment, achieving a healthy work-life balance has become a top priority for the younger workforce. To attract young talents, enterprises can offer the flexibility to work from home with customizable working hours.

Paid time off

Employees are wishing to enjoy more paid time off holidays. Besides the mandatory holiday offered by the government, here is some advice on the type of PTO you can add to your company. Offering longer parental leave to females and also allowing the males to take off to take care of their spouse. Besides, whether you are already grown up or not, birthdays are a big deal for everyone. Therefore, you can also allow the birthday girl or boy to celebrate and enjoy their day with the salary given. More than that, enterprises should also provide a more considerate PTO for bereavement. Employers should be more lenient regarding the length of the bereavement PTO by considering the relationship between the employee and the deceased.

With more considerate employee benefits, you can attract more talent and make it much easier to retain existing employees. Follow Slindon to know more about the latest career trend!