Unveiling the World of Slasher: Exploring Thriving Career Opportunities

Slash Career: a new working style

The new generation does not want to be caged and tied down, working for only one company for eternity surely sounds terrible to them. That is why a slash career is a thing now, which means working for multiple jobs with flexible working hours. The word comes from the symbol “/”, meaning that a slasher (a person who owns a slash career) has multiple job titles at the same time.

Especially for young adults, they do not want to give up on quality life so they prefer emerging work into life rather than balancing two. Working for multiple part-time jobs or freelance jobs instead of one full-time job allows workers to choose their favored working days and working hours. Not only can they do better planning for their lives, but they can also discover their potential by working in different industries.

However, having a slash career means you might not have a stable income since the jobs might not always open for them. If they cannot find a well-paid part-time or freelance job, they will be underpaid for that period. Also, since they are not working full-time, they will not be benefited from the company’s welfare policy such as medical services, insurance, or retirement benefits. These are some drawbacks of being a slasher.

What’s it take to become a slasher?

1. Learn from every job opportunity

Slashers need to learn from every job as it helps them improve their skills and enhance their potential. Each job presents new challenges and obstacles, which require slashers to adapt and come up with innovative solutions, which can be applied to their future jobs and avoid making the same mistakes. It’s important for slashers to continuously improve their craft so that they can deliver the best possible results to their clients and thereby increase job opportunities.

2. Showcase your talent as much as possible

Reputation is important for slashers, it is one of the most critical factors to consider when it comes to hiring a slasher. By showcasing their talent, they can demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential clients, which can help them stand out in a competitive market. It’s also a great way for slashers to build their portfolio and gain credibility in their field and thereby leading to new opportunities and collaborations with other professionals in their industry.

3. Prepare your insurance

Slashers do not benefit from the welfare and insurance policies of any company, which is why some insurance companies promoted a special insurance scheme for slashers, slashers need to adopt insurance plans on their own for their protection. Apart from that, slashers are recommended to obtain liability insurance. Liability insurance can protect slashers from potential lawsuits and claims that may arise from their work. For instance, if a client claims that a slasher damaged their property or caused them harm in any way, liability insurance can provide coverage for any legal expenses or damages awarded.

How should employers react to this trend?

Many employers might think that slashers are too diverse in their careers and that they will not dedicate too much effort to their jobs, thereby avoiding hiring workers with slash careers. 

However, hiring slashers may bring benefits to the firm:

1. They have self-motivated characteristics

Working for multiple jobs at the same time is undoubtedly exhausting, but the slashers still do it for their interests, skill development, and of course the money. Instead of sitting at home and doing nothing, they chose to make a breakthrough and explore different possibilities, which is a personality that we should admire.

2. They acquired diverse skill sets

By working for multiple jobs, employees can acquire different skills from various aspects. For example, freelance designers may bring some creative ideas to your company while they are working in another department. Hence, as an employer, if we hire slashers, we can acquire more talents for our companies and discover more potential for the team.

Whether you are a job seeker or employer, a slash career is a trend that you should pay more attention to. If you would like to know more about the latest HR trends, feel free to check out our other insights at www.slindon.com.hk!