Performance Management and Employee Relations

Slindon provides you with the professional, comprehensive performance management and employee relations solutions to create an unique, non-replaceable organizational culture and working style on your corporate development.

Performance Management and Employee Relations

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Performance Management

Performance management is the process of ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner. We offer the following performance management services:

  • KPI Management
  • Performance improvement measures
  • Performance Appraisal Form
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Employee Relations

The goal of employee relations is to create a positive relationship between employers and employees that leads to an increase in employee retention, happiness and productivity.

An organization with a positive relationship between and among management and its employees may see both the retention rates and overall productivity soar.

We offer the following Employee Relations services:

  • Improving Workplace Communication
  • Overseeing Health and Safety Procedures
  • Handling Wage Concerns
  • Encouraging Employee Engagement
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Exit Interview

An exit interview takes place before an employee leaves a company, to gain a sense and understanding of what an organisation can improve upon to retain its top talent. It’s an essential part of the overall offboarding process as well as strategic imperative.

Exit interviews are a great opportunity to take the temperature of your organisation, maintain a strong employer brand, and find new ways to boost your retention rates while decreasing attrition.